Todd Falcone

Mindset. It’s what gets us through the day, it’s what makes our day, it’s what ruins our day, it’s what creates strife, depression and it’s what makes us smile. Mindset.

Todd Falcone is a successful network marketing guru. His business acumen in network marketing spans over 20 years. Todd Falcone was in Network Marketing when it wasn’t fashionable and The Donald wasn’t talking about anything but his next wife and his empire. Fast forward 20 years and The Donald has now created a book with Kiyosaki and they have a passage in that book about what else? Network Marketing!

Now it’s fashionable to be a Network Marketing guru and Todd Falcone has surpassed all of us in his knowledge, his skillset and his mindset. Every company Todd Falcone gets involved with becomes a successful million dollar business and he becomes a successful millionaire AGAIN!

Todd Falcone made Network Marketing fashionable with his fashionable rolled cuffed shirts and cool jeans, he now speaks in rooms of people waiting to hear what he has to say because these new Network Marketing gurus know how much value he adds to our Community.

When I first heard Todd Falcone speak it was at the No Excuses Summit in July of 2010. I laughed at his description of people who ask if you’re in network marketing, or an MLM, or is this sales?

He crinkles his nose and acts like the 97%’ers out there who honestly believe that the 40 hour a week J.O.B. (Jumpin’ Outta Bed, to be Just Over Broke) they have is going to make them rich and when that bailout from the government happens they’re the first in line for that $600.00 payment. Just enough to buy drugs for their ailments.

But, when it comes to them gaining a new skillset or creating value for the next person, they’re all about disintegrating the idea and making fun of the person standing in front of them only to be complaining the next day because they don’t have enough money to purchase the drugs they’re on for all of the ailments they have from working that J.O.B. for so many years!

I made this video because Todd Falcone is a mentor to me. His ideas are cutting edge. He is on the forefront of creating value, learning a new skillset and honing in on his mindset only to become better and better each and every day he’s in this business.

I admire Todd Falcone and when I grow up I want to be just like Todd Falcone. Wealthy in mindset, creating value and happy to serve others. Because when it comes down to it, that’s what this is all about. Creating value to be the best you can be so you’re able to help others do the same.

Here are the 4 Lessons I walked away with this last time I saw Todd Falcone speak at the MLSP Live The Dream Event in October 2010.

1. Make the commitment! You’re not here to dabble in it, you’re not here to get your feet wet, or to ‘see how it goes’, you’re here to make the commitment. Go big or go home! Seriously. If you think you’re going to make a lot of money by spending 20 hours watching television and 5 hours dabbling in something you’re sorely mistaken. Make the commitment and make it happen.

2. Work on your skillset. It’s learnable folks – as Todd would say. Yes, you need a new skillset. When ideas are born, they are born from a new skillset. What do you like to do? Then get on with it and LEARN it!

3. Take Action by prospecting while following the system. There are many systems out there. There are many ways to prospect. But, really, who’s going to listen to you when all you do is sell them on something. You must add value and you must prospect with value added assets. That’d be YOU. Yes, you! You’re the asset. You’re the value. Take action by prospecting while adding value to others.

4. Stay consistent and finish what you started! Oh boy! Yeah, I know. This is tough. We all get caught up in our stuff. We all can find a thousand things to do other than what we’re supposed to be doing at the time. We are all guilty of not being consistent. YET, if you really want it. If you really want that goal, that vision, that life, that dream, you WILL stay consistent because YOU are the one who makes that decision. Regardless of what’s happening in your life, if you want it badly enough, you will stay consistent and see it through.

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