Home Business Radio Network – Positive Powered Radio (HBRN)

Home Business Radio Network Positive Powered Radio – Mobile Mentor

Entrepreneurs are always looking for great information that will help to improve success. Basic fundamentals provide for an easy system that allows for duplication when taught to others and practiced daily that leads to tremendous momentum.

The problem we face on a daily basis is the ability to listen and learn so we continue to grow and we do not muddy our thinking with stuff that will not help us grow.

Radio is one tool that no one ever teaches as a way to grow and improve your success philosophies. The reason is that we all look at the medium of radio as something we turn on while we drive. We often do not approach the fact that many people also listen to their radio while at home. When listening to our favorite radio station that plays our favorite music and artists, brings out the better side in all of us. With the advent of the Internet, radio stations are now streamed 24 hours a day.

When you are on the go or at home, you now have an option of listening to a radio station that places a primary and singular focus on home based business owners and their success. The Home Business Radio Network ( http://homebusinessradionetwork.com ) is a 24 hour radio station that you can listen to online, and you can even download an app for your smart phone to listen to HBRN while on the go.

HBRN has a great format with radio programs spaced out through the entire day and in between programs they play some great music to break up the monotony. This allows you a break to think about what you just learned and you can attend to other things you need to do as well.

Doug Firebaugh, President Home Business Radio Network, says, “Truly, Home Business Radio Network is your (Mobile Mentor) to teach you the secrets of success”. HBRN was launched this past January and is growing and spreading the wealth of knowledge that it takes to succeed. What you will find is that the principles taught are probably the same things you have already heard from your success coaches in your very own business. And if you do not have a success coach in your business that you are plugged into, you can use this radio station to learn the skills you need to build, grow, and maintain a business organization going forward and you become the leader to teach others. HBRN is not meant as a replacement for your business and your mentors, but as an augment of your tool set to help improve your skills and the skills of others in your team.

You can even use this as a tool within your organization as a training option. You can schedule your team to listen to the same program and after the program you can have a conference call and discuss what you just heard. This way everyone hears the same message, and it provides social proof that you as their leader are teaching them true principles and not just making stuff up.