How to Make It BIG in Network Marketing by Todd Falcone

How hilarious is Todd Falcone? Seriously? If you have not had the chance to see Todd speak, you need to check him out. I was laughing so hard, I was crying. How fun is this business???!!!!

Todd was the opening speaker at the “Live the Dream” Event in Vegas this past weekend (for My Lead System Pro). What a great opener and he was an entertainer, for sure. I wanted to share the nuggets I took away from his topic. So, let’s get into it…

How do you make it big in Network Marketing??!!! Everyone wants to know this secret!

As Todd shared, exposure is EVERYTHING. Prospecting is THE most important activity that directly leads to revenue. Talk to people! Reach out and grab your dream.

Todd is a multi-million dollar earner who has mentored and coached many marketers to success and he shared his winning formula… Ready? DO NOT tell anyone about this. This could change your business TODAY!

The Winning Formula:
Mindset + Skillset + Action = Results (aka “The Big Paycheck”)

Mindset is critical to your success. And having the right mindset means believing in this industry. Do you believe that people make money in network marketing? You need to know the answer to this question. Do you believe that people make the kind of money you are looking for in network marketing? Belief is key… You need to have the belief to achieve results.

Skills? You need skills in this industry? Yes! Prospecting, talking to people, and more. Many people assume they can come into this industry and just be successful. Well, let’s put this into perspective… People go to college to develop the skills to find a good-paying job, right? To obtain a college degree takes 4 years, right? So why do people expect immediate success when they start a network marketing business? These skills don’t just show up overnight!

This should be your Simple Game Plan:
1) Make the commitment (Decide).
2) Work on your skills. It’s learnable (anyone can figure it out).
3) Take action by prospecting while following your system.
4) Stay Consistent and finish what you started (YOU CAN”T QUIT!).

Bottom line… We get paid to talk to people. If you aren’t talking, you aren’t making the money. Separate yourself from any negativity and Get Started Today. Decide to change your life. Transformation is a choice and if you want this lifestyle bad enough, go get it!

Todd Falcone – You ROCK! You are an inspiration and so damn funny! I look forward to putting your products to use! (Be sure to check out Todd Falcone on You Tube – His videos are second to none!)

Let’s Build YOUR Dream Together,
~Andie Petoskey