Leading Network Marketer Todd Falcone Discusses His Offline Prospecting Strategy

Industry leader seminars are a good way to learn new strategies, tips and tricks to grow your network marketing efforts.. So when I was a short time ago invited to attended a marketing seminar with special guest speaker Mr Todd Falcone I could not resist. I will tell you now this guy is a master network marketer.

One of the most admired and sought after success trainers online Todd Falcone is a self made millionaire He is an expert in the field of prospecting and sales training and is all the rage throughout the industry for his inspirational seminars. If you’re genuine about making real money in network marketing or direct sales Todd Falcone is definitely someone you want to listen to. Here are some great strategies I learned from this network-marketing legend.

Who To Prospect and Recruit
When prospecting always move up the social economic chain. People up the chain are open-minded; people down the chain are sceptical. People who are already successful are more open minded. For successful people the glass is half full not half empty, they have the cash and can often see opportunities to capitalise on the opportunity through their network.

To be successful in network marketing you should always try to target prospects who possess the skill set for success He recommends directing your efforts on people who are already engaged in the sales industry as they are already familiar with the concepts of networking, prospecting and closing. They are comfortable operating independently and flourish on working for commissions. There is also the extra bonus that successful sales reps have established lists. Strong recruiting can explode your business.

So who fits this group?
You should always try to target people who are already involved in anything to do with selling, leading and managing. This includes realtors, mortgage brokers, teachers, insurance salesmen and a number of other professions. Anyone who is into selling, leading and managing.

Offline Prospecting Strategy
Todd Falcone is the master of offline prospecting and lead generation and his strategy is simple. You are surrounded by professional individuals who are just waiting to be prospected and they are easily found so just call them.

So your probably asking where are they? Here’s the example Todd gave. “If you drive around a neighbourhood and see a realtor sign stop your car take down the number and call. Tell the person you are an entrepreneur who is looking for switched on people and ask what he calls the peak question;

Do you at all keep your options open about making any money outside of what you are currently doing as a real estate agent?

If the answer is yes organise a time to meet for you to present your opportunity. That’s it, a simple, to the point strategy to prospect potential business partners or distributors for your network marketing opportunity.

Todd Falcone is a genuine master of network marketing and is known as one of the best prospectors in the business but even he agrees that in today’s world if you don’t have an online marketing system for your MLM business you are going to struggle.