Millionaire Mindset: Cedrick Harris and Todd Falcone Have It

Millionaire Mindset: A Top 10 Takeaway

This past Thursday night Todd Falcone had a one hour call about his top 10 ‘takeaway’s’ he received by being the Emcee at the NESII Event; one of those takeaways was the Millionaire Mindset and this takeaway resonated with me when he talked about it because it’s the key to why he’s still in the business 22 years later.

The Millionaire Mindset is the key to why he’s approachable, why he’s never stopped learning, why he keeps working on himself and his brand to create more value each and every day and why he always asks, “What do you want me to cover so that you can learn and become a success? What is it you want to know?” As a bonus to those who attended NESII Todd gave away his LBB of Scripts – something I’ve wanted for quite some time now and I’m reading it diligently – a valuable resource to create a valuable business.

Todd Falcone talks about a Millionaire Mindset on his Monday night calls and has decidedly coupled his efforts with another millionaire mindset Mrs. Susan Sly. But, that’s another story for another blog post.

I want to tell you about an experience I had with this millionaire mindset: Cedrick Harris.

A Great Example of a Millionaire Mindset: Cedrick Harris

A Millionaire Mindset is what you have when you show up at conferences, summits, events and speaking engagements and YOU’RE NOT SPEAKING! Millionaires were all over the No Excuses SummitII; walking around, mingling and having valuable conversations with the likes of people like you and me. They were connecting and networking and amazingly enough LEARNING. Because a Millionaire Mindset doesn’t start and stop on the stage it keeps working 24/7.

I first met Cedrick Harris in North Las Vegas in early 2010 at a very small gathering. I had no idea who he was or why I should care, but I liked his completely nonchallant style that served everyone around him. As if to say, “You know being a millionaire isn’t a big deal, anyone can do it.” That’s why I resonated with Cedrick Harris; because he has the millionaire mindset. He exudes his passion for helping others because inevitably it’s going to help the greater good, e.g., our country’s broken down economy.

He spent a great deal of time with our group and was gracious and grateful throughout his entire presentation. There were no expectations and there was no dissension based on who would become a part of his Team or not. He treated everyone with deference and created a really awesome ‘vibe’ in the room. Of course, it helped that the people who were hosting Cedrick also had a pleasant vibrational energy.

Both Todd Falcone and Cedrick Harris have been at every event I’ve attended. Somehow I’ve found my way, through my economic debacle to attend these events such as riding my bicycle 50 miles round trip in 110 degree heat to the first NES, having to sleep in my car for the CCPro Mastermind Event 6, and multiple other sacrifices I’ve had to make in order to network and connect with the Millionaire Mindset.

You want to be a millionaire Nicole? You must learn to network with the millionaires and get to know them. Through my tenacity, drive, determination and sheer will I’ve not only met Todd Falcone and Cedrick Harris, but I actually know them and have had conversations with these Millionaires.

A Millionaire Mindset: How It Works

So, I walk in to the breakout session for Susan Sly at the NESII and it’s packed, there are no seats and everyone’s excited. Conversation is at an all time decibel high and some guy walks up to me and says, “What’s your name? Where are you from? What do you do? and multiple other questions. I don’t know him, he doesn’t know me and all of a sudden, we have about 5 things in common. It was organized chaos Susan Sly Style.

As the crowd settled down and Susan started to present dressed in her off the shoulder black dress with these cool black boots on I started taping on my little video recorder.

Lo and behold, who’s standing next to me?! Like right next to me?! Cedrick Harris. He’s taping too. Yep, he’s got his camcorder out and he’s listening intently. A multi-millionaire listening to another multi-millionaire, standing in the back of a breakout session with everyone else, just like everyone else and ready to get in the game, just like everyone else. Now that’s how a Millionaire Mindset works!

As Susan instructed us to do in our ‘play the game of live prospecting’, Cedrick and I traded places pretending we were on the phone and of course, he displayed his professional phone etiquette succinctly and with style as I fumbled all over myself to achieve the first two questions and then I slammed down my pretend phone and exclaimed “dammit I screwed up!”

Cedrick assured me I was doing the right thing and that I just needed a little practice. He was in the game. He was there, experiencing, learning, doing, being and get this, BUYING Susan Sly’s information! Cedrick was just like everyone else in the room: getting in the game.

At the conclusion of the breakout session Susan yells to the back, “Coach Nic can you help them?” Immediately I ran to the table and did whatever I could to help achieve the handing out of papers. I was so excited to be called upon to ‘get in the game’ I almost ran over a few people! As I handed out the paperwork on behalf of Susan, Cedrick collected one of the sheets and started filling it out, getting in line with everyone else to purchase her cd’s, books, or better yet, become an attendee of one of her amazing private summits she holds once per year – for women only. I don’t know how he’ll pull that one off, but he’s very savvy that Cedrick Harris.

The Takeaway: A Millionaire Mindset Starts Before You’re A Millionaire

After listening to Todd’s call on Thursday night while driving to coach my triathletes at the pool I realized that a millionaire mindset is what you have when you listen. Listening to hear, not listening to judge, lay blame, defeat the other or create dissension. Listening to hear what your prospect has to say – that’s the millionaire mindset. A great example of this? Todd, at the end of his call says, “I want to go through the questions to see if I didn’t answer anyone’s question.” he read through the questions and answered them in Todd Falcone Style – purely off the cuff and so very clear and concise.

A Millionaire Mindset is what I’m striving to achieve in this business and I truly believe it must start now.