Offline Marketing For Your MLM Business, Especially When You Can’t Get On The Internet

I have been moving my family back to Washington for the last couple of weeks, and we are still not done.

I have been away from the Internet for most of the time, so I am behind on my posts and e-mails. But I haven’t forgotten about you guys. I have been doing most of the offline techniques that Ray Higdon recommends for building your MLM. My wife and I have been driving quite a bit, so I have been dropping post-it ads and fliers. Plus, I have been grabbing all of the Realtor phone numbers that I see when we drive by the signs. So when things slow down next week, I will have a huge list of numbers to go through. Plus, I hope to get plenty more contacts from my drop ads.

Ray says that the online marketing is only part of our business. If we want to build a serious, sustainable business, then we will have to pick up the phone and talk to people. Don’t be scared. Stop hiding behind your computer. This is marketing. If you want to be successful, then you need to market to everybody that you can. As Ray says, you gotta be a hustler!

Here are some of the hustle techniques that Ray recommends:

Grab all the business cards that you see at those public bulletins. Those people are trying to expand their customer contacts, so they will welcome your phone call. Just make sure you have the right mindset before you call, and be prepared with a good script or the right questions to ask. Check out Todd Falcone’s scripts. They are great.

Post-it note ads or fliers. Whenever you stop at a high traffic place, stick your post-it note ad where it will be seen by plenty of people. The example that Ray gave: “Superstars only! Make $50-300k. Don’t even call unless you are a producer and can prove it!” This will effectively weed out the tire kickers, and it gives the impression that you are specific in your recruiting. Which we all should be; we want to build our business with the people we feel will be the most successful. We aren’t the military. We don’t just take any warm body, right?

Realtor signs. As you are driving around, doing your daily tasks, collect the realty agents’ names and phone numbers. These people are currently going through hard times with the real estate crash. Plus, they most likely are good at networking with people. These people should be open another way of making money.

Working Events. Ray says these are great for networking with people and collecting information. What he recommends, don’t bring your business cards. Your main goal at these events: collect as many business cards as you can from the people you talk with. The next key point, call everybody back the next day. That is when you as them if they are interested in a side project that doesn’t interfere with what they are currently doing.

Contest boxes. These require a bit of money and some real networking. Set up five or so contest boxes that have entry slips. These are great for collecting names, numbers and e-mails. Make sure you honor the contest and actually give out the prize you offer. Also, make sure you get permission from the manager of the location you want to leave your contest box. Once you collect the boxes, you can start calling the people. Tell them that they didn’t win, but they received the consolation prize, a free eBook on how to make money online or whatever free reports you have online.

Your face to face meetings during your daily routine. Remember not to puke up all of your business information onto these people. Only collect their contact information. Just qualify them by asking if they are interested in a side project that doesn’t interfere with what they are currently doing. Tell them you will call them later with more information or e-mail them a link to your online presentation. Don’t get stuck talking to them for an hour, be busy and keep moving.

Really going for referrals. This applies to everything. Even if your contact doesn’t seem interested, remember to ask them before you hang up. For example, “Do you know anybody that has been affected by the economy, who might be interested?” If the person still says no or is hesitant then try responding with: “Come on. You don’t know anybody that would be interested in making some extra money?” That usually gets some response from them.

These are just a few of Ray’s offline techniques, but they are very effective at getting your business in front of many people. Remember your daily goals. To really get your business growing, you need to get your business in front of 20 to 30 new people everyday.

“Just throwing this out there. Would you be interested in a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?”