Leading Network Marketer Todd Falcone Discusses His Offline Prospecting Strategy

Industry leader seminars are a good way to learn new strategies, tips and tricks to grow your network marketing efforts.. So when I was a short time ago invited to attended a marketing seminar with special guest speaker Mr Todd Falcone I could not resist. I will tell you now this guy is a master network marketer.

One of the most admired and sought after success trainers online Todd Falcone is a self made millionaire He is an expert in the field of prospecting and sales training and is all the rage throughout the industry for his inspirational seminars. If you’re genuine about making real money in network marketing or direct sales Todd Falcone is definitely someone you want to listen to. Here are some great strategies I learned from this network-marketing legend.

Who To Prospect and Recruit
When prospecting always move up the social economic chain. People up the chain are open-minded; people down the chain are sceptical. People who are already successful are more open minded. For successful people the glass is half full not half empty, they have the cash and can often see opportunities to capitalise on the opportunity through their network.

To be successful in network marketing you should always try to target prospects who possess the skill set for success He recommends directing your efforts on people who are already engaged in the sales industry as they are already familiar with the concepts of networking, prospecting and closing. They are comfortable operating independently and flourish on working for commissions. There is also the extra bonus that successful sales reps have established lists. Strong recruiting can explode your business.

So who fits this group?
You should always try to target people who are already involved in anything to do with selling, leading and managing. This includes realtors, mortgage brokers, teachers, insurance salesmen and a number of other professions. Anyone who is into selling, leading and managing.

Offline Prospecting Strategy
Todd Falcone is the master of offline prospecting and lead generation and his strategy is simple. You are surrounded by professional individuals who are just waiting to be prospected and they are easily found so just call them.

So your probably asking where are they? Here’s the example Todd gave. “If you drive around a neighbourhood and see a realtor sign stop your car take down the number and call. Tell the person you are an entrepreneur who is looking for switched on people and ask what he calls the peak question;

Do you at all keep your options open about making any money outside of what you are currently doing as a real estate agent?

If the answer is yes organise a time to meet for you to present your opportunity. That’s it, a simple, to the point strategy to prospect potential business partners or distributors for your network marketing opportunity.

Todd Falcone is a genuine master of network marketing and is known as one of the best prospectors in the business but even he agrees that in today’s world if you don’t have an online marketing system for your MLM business you are going to struggle.

Home Business Radio Network – Positive Powered Radio (HBRN)

Home Business Radio Network Positive Powered Radio – Mobile Mentor

Entrepreneurs are always looking for great information that will help to improve success. Basic fundamentals provide for an easy system that allows for duplication when taught to others and practiced daily that leads to tremendous momentum.

The problem we face on a daily basis is the ability to listen and learn so we continue to grow and we do not muddy our thinking with stuff that will not help us grow.

Radio is one tool that no one ever teaches as a way to grow and improve your success philosophies. The reason is that we all look at the medium of radio as something we turn on while we drive. We often do not approach the fact that many people also listen to their radio while at home. When listening to our favorite radio station that plays our favorite music and artists, brings out the better side in all of us. With the advent of the Internet, radio stations are now streamed 24 hours a day.

When you are on the go or at home, you now have an option of listening to a radio station that places a primary and singular focus on home based business owners and their success. The Home Business Radio Network ( http://homebusinessradionetwork.com ) is a 24 hour radio station that you can listen to online, and you can even download an app for your smart phone to listen to HBRN while on the go.

HBRN has a great format with radio programs spaced out through the entire day and in between programs they play some great music to break up the monotony. This allows you a break to think about what you just learned and you can attend to other things you need to do as well.

Doug Firebaugh, President Home Business Radio Network, says, “Truly, Home Business Radio Network is your (Mobile Mentor) to teach you the secrets of success”. HBRN was launched this past January and is growing and spreading the wealth of knowledge that it takes to succeed. What you will find is that the principles taught are probably the same things you have already heard from your success coaches in your very own business. And if you do not have a success coach in your business that you are plugged into, you can use this radio station to learn the skills you need to build, grow, and maintain a business organization going forward and you become the leader to teach others. HBRN is not meant as a replacement for your business and your mentors, but as an augment of your tool set to help improve your skills and the skills of others in your team.

You can even use this as a tool within your organization as a training option. You can schedule your team to listen to the same program and after the program you can have a conference call and discuss what you just heard. This way everyone hears the same message, and it provides social proof that you as their leader are teaching them true principles and not just making stuff up.

Business Buying Opportunity – Profit Potential Created by Adversity?

Adversity has created a unique business buying opportunity if you are prepared to think like a contrarian. Warren Buffet claims that he likes to buy when others are selling, because popular opinion is almost always wrong. Being a contrarian, and taking advantage of the opportunities created by an unusually weak economy will seem unnatural to you at first. It may have also seemed unnatural to Mr. Buffet initially.

If it seems so unnatural, why should you consider adversity as a great business buying opportunity? There are actually a couple of very good reasons. First of all there will be businesses available for sale where the owners have become so tired of their many difficulties that they just want out. And they want out at any price. However, you will not likely find very many good businesses where the owners will want out at any price. So deals where you can almost name your own price will be quite rare. Owners may be tired but not to the point of being irrational. But in real estate parlance many will be highly motivated to try to make some kind of deal.

The other reason that you should consider adversity has created a great business buying opportunity relates to timing. When revenue and profit are down considerably from what is considered normal, most of the shortcomings of the business and its method of operating become exposed. And they will be easy to identify. You will learn what the worst is, without having to work very had to discover it. Things that good times, and reasonable results may tend to obscure, will become glaringly apparent under the bright light of adversity. You will be able to easily identify the shortcomings and determine which if any you can easily and inexpensively remedy, and those that will be more challenging and more costly

After identifying all the shortcomings. And you have rated them according to ease and cost of remedying, you will be in a good position to really determine how good a business buying opportunity you are evaluating. You can then conduct your own valuation to determine how it compares with the asking price. You may find that they are very close, although owners are frequently a bit short sighted about the various shortcomings of their businesses. The list of shortcomings that you have compiled and rated will give you objective arguments for use in price negotiations. And in concept it comes down to this. If you can buy for a price that is less than your adjusted valuation, you will likely do well. But there is a proviso.

The proviso again relates to timing. You need to examine the extent of the risk that buying at this time will expose you to. And that mostly depends on your assessment of the timing of the return to more normal market conditions. If you had to bet, would you bet that circumstances are more likely to get better or get worse. You need to be very realistic, and try to base you bet on objective measurements. Because it is your money. If you bet that things will get better, and they get worse, what will being a contrarian cost you? And can you afford it? Remember that despite the importance of great systems and processes, they are not a cure all. They are unable to put money in customers’ pockets so they can buy from you. They will enable you to perform relatively better than other businesses, but will that be enough.

Most of you will remember a public company called Nortel. At one time it was the darling of the telecommunications fans. After its price started falling, many people bought it because it looked cheap, because the price was down. They focused solely on price, and did not examine the cracks in the foundation of the underlying business. They found that what looked cheap, could get an awful lot cheaper. Those that understood that, and examined the underlying fundamentals objectively, avoided the stock.

So adversity can create great business buying opportunities for those that know what they are doing. Competition for business will be way down. And competition is a reflection of demand. So facing reduced demand, with no corresponding reduction in supply, basic economics tell us that prices will fall. And that is independent of any other fundamentals.

If you are familiar with the industry, and can properly assess the downside risk, you should adopt a contrarian point of view. If the economy is at the low point in the business cycle, things will only get better, and with them, the prospects for the business you are evaluating. The trick is identifying that exact time. And being able to hold on if you are wrong.

When you decide to take advantage of the great business buying opportunity provided by any adversity, try to wear a belt and suspenders. Don’t knowingly step in front of a freight train by buying when you think conditions are due to decline again. And when you make your offer, try very hard to include some kind of contingent pay out as part of the price. You may have to give up a bit of future earnings, in exchange for obtaining the needed downside protection. That’s OK. Remember that downside risk involves real money, whereas future earnings are what is called in the movie the Maltese Falcon, talking money rather than coin of the realm. I would much rather lose talking money than coin of the realm. Wouldn’t you?

You are right. This business of trying to estimate your downside is definitely something that is easier said than done. At least with any degree of precision. That your estimate will lack precision should not be a deterrent to doing it. There is great value in doing the thinking associated with estimating your downside and dealing with it to some degree. And knowing that you will never be completely accurate or precise should keep you from obsessing over it.

Remember, trying to get that type of downside protection should not be restricted to buying under adverse circumstances. For most prospective business owners giving up a little of the upside in exchange for downside protection should be as normal as getting insurance. Consider the bit of upside you forgo as the premium you pay for the downside protection. Just like an insurance premium.

For more actionable information that will help you in assessing a business buying opportunity take a look at the information at http://www.selling-a-business-without-stress.com/freereport.html. Although it is written to help sellers of businesses, it will work well for you. It is written from the perspective of what buyers should look for in a business, and accordingly what business owners should provide.