Todd Falcone – The Man, The Myth

If you haven’t heard of Todd Falcone and you are involved in online marketing and direct selling, you aren’t traveling in the right circles. With over 25 years of experience in direct sales and network marketing, Todd Falcone has carved out a spot for himself as one of the world’s leading internet marketing trainers, speakers and teachers.

You might have seen him in webinars (this is how I discovered him), at live training events or during conference calls and not even realize it, but after today, you will.

What Does Todd Falcone Do?

Todd Falcone acts as a top-level consultant for the most elite network marketing company owners all over the world. He has spoken or taught in the United States, Europe, Asia, Canada and many other countries all over the globe.

His talent for closing the universal language barrier with actionable techniques and marketing methods is unparalleled, making him one of the worlds most sought after direct sales and network marketing professionals.

From company and personal coaching to the training of the top-level distributors all over the world, Todd Falcone has left his personal stamp on many of the top internet and network marketing operations in business today.

Rooting his success in the fundamentals of network marketing, Todd Falcone is also the president of Reach4Success, LLC. He is a regular speaker, trainer and contributor for the MLSP community.

Todd Falcone-A Man of Many Talents

When he is not speaking, teaching, consulting or coaching, Todd Falcone is an author, penning an extraordinary amount of training programs and articles including:

• How to Win in the Game of Prospecting

• The Little Black Book of Scripts

• Cracking the Code to Success in Network Marketing

• Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals

If you want to hear Todd speak, every week he hosts the international hit show called “MLM Power Hour,” as he has been doing for the past ten years. MLM Power Hour airs live every Monday night at 5pm PST.

This show brings his candid, style to the masses, delivering an hour of the most powerful training tips and tricks, packed with a unique level of humor that his peers are missing.

This unique blend of humor and knowledge-along with his direct delivery style-is what keeps hundreds of thousands of people tuned in every Monday, including myself, all over the world.

Todd is successful at teaching the one thing that many find so hard to learn-how to be successful in business. This talent has made him one of the biggest rock stars in training and development for network marketing.

What Does Todd Falcone Talk About?

Whether he is at a speaking engagement, on the air with MLM Power Hour or hosting a webinar for a global audience, Falcone is always teaching to a very specific audience: independent network marketers and direct sales professionals.

His wisdom lays the cornerstone for success upon which they can build their business, knowing that the rock-solid Falcone wisdom has helped thousands of people all over the world reach for the sky and succeed.

The range of topics within this niche is vast, especially once Todd Falcone reaches into his enormous bag of knowledge. From the fundamentals of building your home business with network marketing to offline strategies, leadership development, accountability and advanced techniques, Falcone gives you the knowledge to use the tools of network marketing success like a true champion.

His marketing products are unparalleled, which is why I am one of his affiliates. Quality, quality, quality!

Todd is available to speak at local events, conference calls, regional and national corporate conventions, domestic and abroad, international distributor events, webinars, live trainings and much, much more.

He draws from his own personal knowledge and experience, during his time building some of the largest network marketing companies in the world. All in all, he has developed organizations that number well into the tens of thousands across his twenty-five year career as a distributor over five different companies.

He truly does speak and teach about what he knows, one of a handful of trainers who are currently on the circuit that has had success in the field, not just someone who regurgitates training seminars they attended. It is these strategies and fundamentals of his own success that Todd Falcone imparts to his listeners, showing them the ropes that he helped create during the course of his innovative career.

As for his personal life, Todd is married to his wife, Carla, with whom he has two beautiful children, Joey and Gianni.

When he’s not shaping the future professional network marketers and independent entrepreneurs of the world, Falcone enjoys surfing, skiing, golfing, fishing and being in the outdoors.

As you can see, I’m a fan of the man and his products. I own almost all of them. I so blesses to have been exposed to him early on in my career through My Lead System Pro!

If you’re looking for a way to take your network marketing business to the next level one of the very first training products I purchased from Todd was “Little Black Book of Scripts”, and it’s the first thing I give to my team of network marketers because it gives some amazing approaches that a newbie marketer can use who may have no idea what to say to promote their business to others.

Todd Falcone: Insider MLM Script Secrets for Success

I recently watched a live webinar held by Todd Falcone and I was pretty impressed. Todd Falcone’s MLM script are powerful. He is a 21 year veteran in the Network Marketing industry. One of the ways he’s gotten so good is because of his MLM scripts. He is a master prospector and his tagline on his blog is “Network Marketing Mastery”. There are many people out there claiming to be a “guru” but Todd delivers quality information all the time.

When you’re out there prospecting and you are hit with a rejection you should be ready to know what to say. If there are approximately 5-8 total rejections, and you know exactly what to say to each rejection, you can become very powerful in the industry because you have posture, confidence and you can reply to each objection professionally. Knowing exaclty what to say is crucial.

A lot of people fail in network marketing simply because they do not know what to say. Their sponsor tells them to just be positive, talk to everyone, smile and just keep at it. Well if you are “keeping at it” and failing, why keep at it and continue to fail. If everyone you talk to runs away then you are just going to keep running people away and think that the person isn’t interested. Could it be it is what you are saying that is causing them to run for the hills?

Todd Falcone has a great MLM script when people ask “is this MLM”? Most people fumble and stutter and try to hide the fact that their business is MLM. This doesn’t show confidence and posture. When people ask “is this MLM”, Todd says to say “Absolutely! If it wasn’t I wouldn’t touch it.” Having this confidence and posture when talking to your prospect is key if you want to have success in network marketing.

A question that many network marketers will get is “is this a pyramid?”. Todd Falcone has a great MLM script for this question. Here it goes:

“No, is that what you’re looking for? Because if it is I can’t help you. I don’t do pyramid schemes”.

Again, this response shows confidence and posture; two things needed when prospecting.

One of Todd Falcone’s strategies is recruiting realtors. Todd says “Recruiting real estate agents is a lot more fun and easier than trying to recruit burger flippers at Jack In The Box or cousin Joe that watches TV 30 hours a week.”

You see since real estate agents talk to people, know how to handle rejection and are self-starters, they are ideal for MLM because a lot of what they is exactly what you do in network marketing or direct sales.

Business Dress for Entrepreneurs

The subject of business dress has changed a great deal since the turn of the 21st century. Up until that time, suits for men and women were expected in all but the dirtiest of jobs. Even then, it was not uncommon to find mechanics wearing ties. Now, dressing up seems to be confined to upmarket shops and city offices, whereas dressing down for Fridays seems to have extended to the rest of the week. What should entrepreneurs wear while at work?

Business dress as we know it probably came from the style of clothing that artisans, farmers, and merchants wore prior to the rise of the white-collar worker. Hundreds of years ago, you could guess someone’s profession by noticing what they wore: Falconers had leather padding on one forearm, and blacksmiths wore leather aprons; seaman had flared trousers, and court jesters could be seen in colorful costumes that were so silly that no one else would want to wear them.

At first, the man (or the woman) made the clothes, but gradually the clothes made man or woman. Then the dress of the day was largely for functional reasons. Leather on the forearm of falconers protected them from the claws of the bird of prey that perched on their arms. The leather aprons worn by blacksmiths kept their clothes from catching fire from the hot sparks as they were pounded off of the glowing metal. And the flared trousers were so made so that men who fell overboard could get them off more quickly.

Today, those in certain professions are expected to present a particular appearance. Suits, for example, have no functional purpose, as did the professional clothing in past centuries. In fact, suits can be very uncomfortable to wear; but they continue to be worn because that is what is considerable de rigeur for the job.

There also was a time, not long ago, when business people were expected to dress “above” the level of the customer. The intent was to provide some authority for what that person did. Suits evoked the highest authority.

Quite recently, the attitude has changed, and I think for at least three reasons.

1. Business people realized that they needed to be able to communicate with customers on all levels. If the customer wasn’t dressed up, then it looked as though the entrepreneur was attempting to be superior in some way. People tend not to buy when they’re made to feel inferior.

2. Telecommuting has meant that there was no need to “dress” for work. You could wear whatever you wanted to.

3. Generation Y (born 1980-… ) not only wanted to work where, when, and with whom they wanted, but also in the clothes they wanted. Dressing up was considered to be part of the jumped-up hierarchy that wasted, rather than saved, resources.

Today, entrepreneurs have to decide on a case by case basis what dress for them will be the most appropriate. There are no hard and fast rules. Some of the most successful people seem to wear the scruffiest clothes possible. The clothing runway has even made a fashion out of selling “pre-worn-out” apparel.