The Return of the Mini Motor Bikes

The mini motor bike trend has now returned, and there are many eager enthusiasts out in the market today who would like to get their hands and collect these mini bikes. The mini bike trend started getting popular in the 60-80’s but they were overshadowed by their mini dirt bike brothers who took on center stage with the rising popularity of racing these mini dirt bikes. But now they are coming back once more to the racing scene. Mini motor bike or pocket bikes as they are often called nowadays is gaining racing popularity on some countries in Asia and in the States.

They now come in new designs; some are replicas of choppers and some replicas of their motorbike brethren. The engines that were used before are the ones also used by lawnmower companies for their lawnmowers. But the engines that are used today have been taken up a notch. You can now find a mini motor bike with a 39-50cc+ engine. These are mostly used for competition purposes and not for everyday use.

These mini motor bikes are mostly rented out in go-kart tracks or perhaps mini bike rental circuits. You experience riding these bikes simply by renting them out and racing with your friends around the circuit so you would know how a mini motor bike racer would feel while racing these minis on the track.

Nowadays there are strict laws being passed out against the use of theseĀ mini motor bikesĀ outside their circuit tracks. Although there are some types of pocket bikes that meet the required vehicle safety requirements still you cannot use them on public roads and freeways without wearing the proper safety gear like a crash helmet, knee and elbow pads and gloves. You are also required to bring with you at all times your vehicle registration and your driver’s license.

There are also plenty of upgrade options to choose from nowadays. Stores and retail shops sell parts and accessories needed to upgrade and soup up your bikes. If you wish to have mini that could go fast then consider an upgrade. You can either take your bike to a custom bike shop to get it upgraded or you can do the upgrading and accessorizing yourself. You can save a heap of time by just taking your bike in and getting it upgraded but prepare cough up a few extra dough for the parts and the labor. Although if you want to save money and take your time upgrading your mini one bike part at a time then go for it

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