Todd Falcone: Insider MLM Script Secrets for Success

I recently watched a live webinar held by Todd Falcone and I was pretty impressed. Todd Falcone’s MLM script are powerful. He is a 21 year veteran in the Network Marketing industry. One of the ways he’s gotten so good is because of his MLM scripts. He is a master prospector and his tagline on his blog is “Network Marketing Mastery”. There are many people out there claiming to be a “guru” but Todd delivers quality information all the time.

When you’re out there prospecting and you are hit with a rejection you should be ready to know what to say. If there are approximately 5-8 total rejections, and you know exactly what to say to each rejection, you can become very powerful in the industry because you have posture, confidence and you can reply to each objection professionally. Knowing exaclty what to say is crucial.

A lot of people fail in network marketing simply because they do not know what to say. Their sponsor tells them to just be positive, talk to everyone, smile and just keep at it. Well if you are “keeping at it” and failing, why keep at it and continue to fail. If everyone you talk to runs away then you are just going to keep running people away and think that the person isn’t interested. Could it be it is what you are saying that is causing them to run for the hills?

Todd Falcone has a great MLM script when people ask “is this MLM”? Most people fumble and stutter and try to hide the fact that their business is MLM. This doesn’t show confidence and posture. When people ask “is this MLM”, Todd says to say “Absolutely! If it wasn’t I wouldn’t touch it.” Having this confidence and posture when talking to your prospect is key if you want to have success in network marketing.

A question that many network marketers will get is “is this a pyramid?”. Todd Falcone has a great MLM script for this question. Here it goes:

“No, is that what you’re looking for? Because if it is I can’t help you. I don’t do pyramid schemes”.

Again, this response shows confidence and posture; two things needed when prospecting.

One of Todd Falcone’s strategies is recruiting realtors. Todd says “Recruiting real estate agents is a lot more fun and easier than trying to recruit burger flippers at Jack In The Box or cousin Joe that watches TV 30 hours a week.”

You see since real estate agents talk to people, know how to handle rejection and are self-starters, they are ideal for MLM because a lot of what they is exactly what you do in network marketing or direct sales.