Todd Falcone Prospecting Guru

I always refer to Todd Falcone the marketing guru with the funny last name. Todd has been teaching network marketers for over 20 years on how to prospect and recruit. In this article I am going to share some of the things I personally learned from Todd and how you can apply them to your business.

Who is Todd Anyway?

Todd Falcone has been in the network marketing industry for over 20 years and his niche is prospecting. he does not prospect anyone, he only goes after professionals. Todd says why try your luck with every Tom, Dick, and Harry when you can go after the people you know will increase your chances of making it big in network marketing.

Why only professionals and who?

Todd teaches that if you after people who already work on commission or is in charge of handling people they usually serve as great candidates for business. Why? Because they already know that they need to work for their money and they are always at places where they are meeting and networking with new people. The type of people he request you go after are those who are in real-estate, boat salesman, car salesman, direct marketing reps, hotel managers and investors.

I personally took Todd’s advice and started contacting people in these industries and I have to tell you they really work. Not only is it easier to have a conversation but you usually do not get rejected because they too are in the same industry where they call people on a daily basis so they are eager to listen to your pitch.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Todd’s Way?

I can tell you the advantage of using Todd’s prospecting method is you get free leads. Most of the information about these people are on the internet. You can get an cell phone, email and even a Facebook page that will give you plenty of information about them so when you call them you can have a great conversation.

The disadvantage is if you are not computer savvy you might not know where to look to find them. One suggestion you can use is type in the names of some of the common companies you know in the industry you are going after and they usually have a place on their website where you can get a list of their sales people or brokers.

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